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Innovative design, glimps of tomorrow. Production focused on quality and sustainability.

Honest and comprehensive communication through every stage. Flexible logistics and impeccable installation.



We strive to deliver certainty.

Certainty of compliance with the highest quality standards during all stages of the production process.

Guarantee of delivery term.

Assurance that state-of-the-art technology, unlimited creativity and the experience of the staff involved will bring to life the product that will best serve the purpose for which it was designed.

Full trust in our team and in the honest partnership we want to develop with all our customers.

Belief that we will act responsibly, encouraging the use of new technologies and alternative materials that can ensure a better, safer, cleaner environment for the future.

Printing and decorative foil processing technologies

ECO tagged LATEX printing with integrated contour cutting, decorative foils cutting and laminating equipment.

CNC precision cutting technologies

Precision coordinates cutting equipment with tangential knife and milling tools

CNC PMMA laser cutting

CNC fiber metal laser cutting

CNC power milling machine for wood and chipboard sheets with dynamic control on Z axis

PMMA and plastic materials processing

Liniar bending up to 350cm

Assembling and UV soldering

Metal welding and finishing


Welding MIG-TIG, WIG and classic

Locksmith and metal finishing: brass, aluminum, stainless steel.


Integration of multimedia and lighting areas

Multimedia communication, video-walls;

Interior and outside lighting boxes, with visuals or 3D graphics;

Special lighting of products

Polyurethane Paint


Polyurethane paint and varnish finishing on various surfaces – metals, PMMA, wood, MDF – in big cabin with air flow.


Logistics and installation


Transport and installation anywhere in Europe with specialized multidisciplinary teams.


What our customers say

“Fusion Design is the reliable partner for large-scale projects!”

The professionalism and sharp attention to details of the team made the entire Dare Beauty Center project – the first Kérastase Flagship and the largest beauty salon in Romania and Eastern Europe, to be implemented in the shortest time and at the highest standards.”


L’OREAL Romania

Good communication is the key of a successful project!”

“We carried out several projects together, and what I appreciated every time was how easy and efficient we communicated with the entire Fusion Design team.

From design, bidding and negotiation, to implementation, all stages went naturally, without wasting time or energy. This makeseach project complete flawlessly, even in the event of a very tight deadline!



“Passion and professionalism!”

“Every time I collaborated with the Fusion Design team, I knew that the ongoing project will be a success!

A partner commited to the detailed realization of the agreed design and who manages the production and installation with professionalism, ensures you the comfort of focusing only on strategy and communication.”





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